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S-400 Triumf Guards Moscow

Good article here and reference to the 549th Guards Surface-to-Air Missile Regiment.  Also sheds some light on this Lt Col...21 years in the military and never had his own crib.

27 Jan 2015, Krasnaya Zvezda - On New Year's Eve a 4th regiment of the VKO troops equipped with S-400 began combat duty in the Moscow suburbs.  Currently the "Triumfs" defend the skies over the capital and the central industrial region, providing reliable protection.

The 549th Guards Surface-to-Air Missile Regiment commander, Lieutenant Colonel Aleksey Savkin said, "Thanks to our industrial complex, the Triumf we received was perfect.  It is in great condition and it shot excellently at the Kapustin Yar firing range.  Today, we defend the Moscow area, blocking the southern direction, not even a fly can get through!"

Aleksey Nikolayevich started service in the far north and continued to serve, defending the skies above the Tver and Voronezh oblasts.  The 549th regiment received its guards honorific during World War 2 in a battle in the North Caucausus and Aleksey has commanded it for 6 months.  He has just upgraded to this new SAM system.

The paste year was very tense for the officers and soldiers.  The personnel who worked on their S-300 went to Gatchina in the Yaroslavl area to learn the S-400, took it to the range, received combat experience firing it, mobilizing it, loading and unloading...all of this was very exciting and the television crews made a film about it.  The training - using the 549th SAM regiment as an example, will teach other officers of other SAM units how to upgrade to the Triumf.

Lt Col Savkina was submitted for the Medal of Suvorov.  He has been an officer for 21 years and has never had his own apartment, only military housing.

"Now I am able to get a military mortgage and receive a subsidy, but I don't have time for that," said the very busy Lt Col.

The Russian Umbrella is Wider
Senior Lieutenant Andrey Glushkovetskiy now is a "television star."  He worked the combat calculations on 19 Dec 2014.  On that day, the regiment started combat duty and on the very same day the National Control Center of Defense of the Russian Federation started work.  From the command post, the regiment a live video feed in real time was sent to the President of Russia and the MoD.  (the next part was difficult for me to translate)

"After our officers saw this on the television of the country, they recognized Andrey," laughing said Captain Aleksandr Shuplyakov.

We talked with the combat forces officers in the "Kung" (a boxed van) - we ceased the combat calculations and now our mission was to wait.

"We" with a pistol, took the ???, said the  Shuplyakov's boss "Awaited for the command and immediately started shooting at a flying enemy, rapidly packed up, in order to get ready to shoot from a different location."

The time it takes for a S-400, which NATO calls the GROWLER, to relocate to a new position is minutes.  The enemy can bomb the position we left - its a waste.  Our gun is ready to shoot from a different position.

"The Triumf is a very good weapon," said senior lieutenant Glushkovetskiy, "The American analogue, the patriot, worked only in a certain direction:  its an angled launcher.  If the enemy approaches from the rear, the Americans need to take time to survey that dangerous direction.  Every second to a SAM operator is golden.  Or its fatal if the enemy cruise missiles are flying.  We are able to defend from all angles immediately.  Our "Triumf" rockets launch vertically, and the system can attack targets at 360-degrees.  The S-400 may guide up to three types of missiles.  They affect all types of airborne targets, even the most difficult - low flying targets, precision weapons, and ballistic missiles.

-The range of our new SAM complex against aerodynamic targets is longer than the Patriot by about .5 to 2.5x," said Captain Shuplyakov. "Therefore, the Russian umbrella of air defense is much wider and better than the American one."

After the conversion, many officers of the regiment went on vacation in 2014.  The rest are on combat duty.

-Its nothing," said Glushkovetskiy smiling, "my one year old daughter Nastya still recognized my face and calls me dad."

I didn't translate the rest, its a bunch of things like how they got televisions for a prize, how airplanes can't fly against SAMs, some woman got pregnant, and blah blah.  Oh, and some girl found a cat.

Телеканал "Звезда"

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27 января 2015, 21:26
В канун Нового года на боевое дежурство под Москвой заступил четвертый полк Войск воздушно-космической обороны, вооруженный новым зенитным ракетным комплексом С-400. Теперь «Триумфы» встали на защиту неба столицы и Центрального промышленного района, обеспечив их надежное прикрытие.
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