Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mi-28N Crashes at Airshow; Igor' Butenko Perished (video)

Best video of the accident is here

A Berkut demonstration team Mi-28N crashed today at the Dubrovichi Bomb Range near Ryazan'. A pilot, Igor' Butenko (45-years old) perished in the crash.  The other pilot, Aleksandr Klepnov survived.  The pilot was participating in Aviadarts which started today, Bondarev said at the beginning of the competition, "Today you will see how our combat training occurs, its results - and where your tax dollars go.  You will see how everything is done in order for you to know - the skies above the motherland are protected."

It can't be long before Bondarev is fired...

All Mi-28N flights are grounded until a cause can be found.

A couple articles here...
Igor's son wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and went to aviation school not long ago.  He found out this horrible news from his friends.  I was at school and my friends called me. They only send words when the most dear people die.  He was a man whom I looked up to.  The most kind.  Even the lieutenants who graduated remember him only with good words.

Igor' Butenko
The initial report from the MoD's representative on the Mi-28N hydraulic systems failure is untrue.  Military expert Mikhail Khodarenok's point of view...

The Head of the Russian Federation Air Forces, Bondarev, confirmed that the Mi-28 crashed due to a hydraulics failure.

The RFAF commander, General-Colonel Viktor Bondarev, confirmed the MoD press-service report that the Mi-28 crashed at Ryazan' due to a failure in the guidance system and the hydraulics system.

" occurred due to the guidance system failure, the alarm sounded on the malfunction of the hydraulics and spoken information (Natasha) - 'hydraulics system failure'" - he said.

Mi-28N Crash site (

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