Saturday, February 7, 2015

7 Feb Neat Pics

Just a collection of "fresh" cool images I found this morning on, just click the picture for hi-res.  I figured I would give the Kazakhstan Air Force a little love (so did the photographer).  That is a beautiful Su-27 (Belarus modified?  A lot of discussion in the forum) and a MiG-27D, probably the most pristine one on the planet left...I believe India is the only other user of this aircraft.  And with the Su-30SM purchase, this guy's days are numbered :(

Copyright Vadim, Uglovoye Su-30M2 BLUE 41, RF-93839, taxiing at homebase 2014

Copyright Anatoly Burtsev, PAK-FA BLUE 051, taxiing at Moscow Zhukovskiy (Ramenskoye), Feb 2014

Copyright Alexandr Patrushev, Su-27 YELLOW 14, conducting flight operations at Taldykorgan (Taldy-Kurgan), Feb 2015

Copyright Alexandr Patrushev, MiG-27 YELLOW 44, taxiing at Taldykorgan (Taldy-Kurgan), Feb 2015

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