Monday, February 2, 2015

NATO Fighters Scramble, RFAF Il-78 over the Baltic Sea

If I had to guess, this is the Il-78 MIDAS from the earlier refueling training in this article...Looks like Italian Typhoon.  I took that picture from, great view of the UPAZ refueling pod.

NATO Fighters Scrambled due to Il-78 over the Baltic Sea

30 Jan 2015, PRONDERA; Representatives of the Lativan military reported that NATO Typhoon fighters were scrambled due to an Russian Federation Air Force Il-78 aircraft which was conducting a flight over the Black Sea.

In a Latvian military Twitter report, it said that the Russian aircraft was a tanker.  The NATO fighters were quickly scrambled in order to intercept it.  The MoD of Russia did not confirm this report.
Ilyushin Il-78M aircraft picture
Copyright Alexey Ereshko, Il-78, RF-94283, BLUE 80, at Ryazan' Dyagilevo, September 2013 (click for high res)

The second article talks a lot about the Tu-95 flight on 29 Jan, reference this article

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