Sunday, February 22, 2015

Refit Il-38N for PACOFAF

Il-38N, RF-75322, YELLOW 23,  sitting at Moscow-Zhukovskiy (Ramenskoye), copyright Alex S.

Some details on the upgrades are here:

The aircraft looks much different and if this is accurate, it took about 3 years for the conversion from long-term storage, to the new Il-38N.  Can this thing really carry AA-11?!

Quick history on this aircraft...the aircraft is factory # 081010810

19 July 2012, One Il-38 (RED 23) from Nikolayevka was sent in the spring of 2012 to the 20th Aircraft Repair Plant in Pushkin, on 17 July it conducted a test flight after long term storage and this Il-38 was intended to be modernized.  It was expected that the aircraft will be sent for modernization to the Il-38N with the new Novella search and targeting system.

Один самолет Ил-38 из Николаевки был отправлен весной на капитальный ремонт на ОАО "20-й авиаремонтный завод" в Пушкин, а 17 июля состоялся облет после длительного хранения еще одного предназначеннного к модернизации Ил-38 с бортовым номером "23 красный". Ожидается, что данный самолет будет отправлен на модернизацию в вариант Ил-38Н с оснащением новой поисково-прицельной системой "Новелла".

From 2012, The 7062nd Port Arthur Red-Star Aviation Base of Naval Aviation includes (Nikolayevka)

Nikolayevka ASW Aviation Squadron (Il-38, Il-18, Il-22)
Nikolaeyvka ASW Shipborne Helicopter Squadron (Ka-27PL, Ka-27PS, and Mi-8)
Kamennyy Ruchey ASW Aviation Squadron (Tu-142MZ, Tu-142MR)
--Formerly the 7061st Aviation Base, and prior to that the 568th Guards Independent Combined Aviation Regiment, and before that the 310th independent ASW Long Range Aviation regiment
Knevichi Transport Aviation Squadron (An-12, An-26, and Tu-134)
--Formerly the former 7059th Aviation base, and before that the 71st Independent Transport Aviation Squadron)

Copyright Alexey VVO, Nikolayevka Il-38 RED 23, flying at homebase, July 2012
Copyright Andrey Egorov, Nikolayevka Il-38 in the paint shop at the 20th ARZ, Pushkin
Copyright Alex S, Nikolayevka Il-38, with new YELLOW 23 color for the squadron, post refit at Moscow-Zhukovskiy (Ramenskoye) after refit with Novella radar installed.

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