Friday, July 3, 2015

Kushchevskaya MiG-29 Crash

All over the news, I think it is a training base and the aircraft was a MiG-29UB.  I read in other news that it was either due to engine failure, a fire in the cockpit, or a bird strike.  I believe that Kushchevskaya is the 195th Training Air Base.

In the Krasnodar Kray in the vicinity of Kushchevskaya, on Friday afternoon a MiG-29 fighter crashed.  According to the source in Interfax's regional emergency services, the pilot successfully ejected.

The cause of the RFAF aircraft was not reported.  Details of the crash are under investigation.  All we know is that the destroyed MiG-29 was on a training flight and crashed around 1500 Moscow Time.

Кущевка (Kushchevskaya) MiG-29UB RED 77, landing at homebase in September 2013, copyright Anton Pavlov.  Forum comments indicate this may be the aircraft that crashed today (July 3, 2015; did this crash today?) (with video in Russian) (an english version of the same story)

В Краснодарском крае в районе станицы Кущёвская в пятницу днем потерпел катастрофу истребитель МиГ-29. По сведениям источника «Интерфакса» в экстренных службах региона, пилот успел катапультироваться.

О причинах ЧП с самолетом ВВС России не сообщается. Подробности катастрофы выясняются. Пока известно лишь, что разбившийся МиГ-29 выполнял учебный полет и потерпел крушение около 15:00 по Москве.

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