Saturday, January 24, 2015

Black Sea Fleet "Ladnyy" to go on patrol in the Mediterranean

Since I wrote about the training event that the Ladnyy was taking part in, I thought that it was interesting it sets sail for a Mediterranean patrol on Monday, 26 Jan.

According to the wikipedia (yeah, great source), the 11th Anti-submarine Ship Brigade under the 30th Surface Ships Division is home to a payr of Krivak-class frigates, the Ladnyy (Harmonious) and the Pytlivyy (Keen).

SKR Ladnyy heads to the Med, 26 Jan

(click for hi-res) SKR-801, Jan 2015
SKR (Сторожевой корабль; Frigate, guard ship) Ladnyy (SKR-801) from the Black Sea Fleet is preparing for permanent combat duty in the Mediterranean Sea.  From 2013-2014 the ship was located in Sevastopol'.  On 17 Dec 2014, it went to sea after repair.  SKR-801 "Ladnyy" (Project 1135 Burevestnik, NATO Krivak-class) joined the fleet in 1981.  The ship has a 3,200 tonne displacement, a maximum speed of 32.3 knots, a range of 5000 miles at 14 knots.  Crew is 197 people.  The "Ladnyy" is equipped with two gas turbines providing 18,000 horsepower each.  The combat vessel is equipped with 4x DRM-5 "Rastrub" (SS-N-14 SILEX), 2x 76.2 AK-726 guns, 2 OSA-MA-2 SAM (SA-N-4 GECKO), 4x 533mm torpedo tubes, and 2x 6000 anti-submarine rockets.

The "Ladnyy" and "Pytlivyy" are two of the last Project 1135 vessels.

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