Monday, January 26, 2015

Russian "Pantsir-S1" (SA-22) Surface-to-Air Missile in Ukraine

Found this on Twitter from @RuslanLeviev

Российский ЗРПК Панцирь С1, снятый в Шахтёрске
Также размещены в Крыму, где сбивали БПЛА. На вооружении Украины не

Russian Surface-to-Air Missile Complex, Pantsir-S1, taken in Shakhtersk...It is also located in Crimea where a UAV was shot down.  Ukraine does not have this in its armed forces

I copied the image source as well in case it gets deleted off of twitter.  The link is

Obviously the credibility of this image could be suspect and it could be photoshopped, but I am not an expert at that.

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